1898 The Post Hotel Ghent


1898 The Post is an intimate hotel in a stunning historic landmark in the heart of Ghent.

This small designer hotel opened in 2017 in the upper floors of Ghent’s old post office building. Located in the very heart of Ghent, the hotel offers its guests some of the best views in the city.

The 38 guest’s rooms are decorated in a warm style- with high ceilings, dark green walls and antique furniture – complementing the building’s late 19th century architecture. And the quintessential cocktail bar commands a stunning view of the spires of historic Ghent.

A local sense of place

Built between 1898 and 1910, Ghent’s post office building was designed by architect Louis Cloquet in collaboration with Stéphane Mortier for the 1913 World exhibition.

It is built in an eclectic style, with predominantly neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance influences, echoing the beautiful façade of the Gildehuis der Vrije Schippers along the Graslei Canal.

The striking clock tower, 52 meters tall, adds an exquisite touch to the historical vista formed by the Belfry of Ghent, St Bavo’s Cathedral, and St. Michael’s Bridge.

With great views through the grand window, the restored wood and indirect lighting create a cozy atmosphere accented with a contemporary touch of freshness. The natural earth colours of the interior design combine a local sense of place with a relaxed feeling of being at home.

In addition to the guestrooms, there is a multi-functional room suited for both business and tourism gatherings – from meetings and product presentations to festive dinners. Breakfast and afternoon tea are available to the guests as well as open to the public.

Quintessential cocktail bar

The hotel’s crowning touch is the cocktail bar – called The Cobbler, after the special type of cocktail shaker. The bar’s ambiance reflects an old-time atmosphere- with a stunning view of the spires of historic Ghent. With an identity of its own, The Cobbler’s ambition is to be the finest cocktail bar in the city.

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