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Am Sternberg 209


The houses are located in the beautiful Holidaypark Frankenau, just 1 km from the small town Frankenau. The park consists of a large amount of holiday houses, located in beautiful spots, sittinga little bit higher with a great view on the Park and the valley of Frankenau. In the Park is a playgrounds for the children, natural small pool where you can navigate in a rubberboat. In the small town you find nice shops for the daily shoppings, normally the guests go to the bigger town Frankenau for the bigger shoppings, about 14 km from the Park. The bakery in Frankenau in the opposite of Edeka has a fresh-bread service, every morning he delivers the ordered bread in the Park at your front-door of the houses.

The houses form together one big house in the original style of the area, both with a separate entrance, the entrance to the house Am Sternberg 209 is a footbridge from the road to the front-door, the house Am Sternberg 211 can be reached from the road through a stone staircase and a path to the front-door. Am Sternberg 211 can use the terrace and the garden on the left side. Am Sternberg 209 has a big balcony on the east and on the south, the tenants can use the garden on the right side. The garden lies next to the large, free common playgrounds, the children can play their with the ball, play with fly kites, play with the sledge during the wintertime. On a distance of 100 meter you can find the entrance for free to the National Park Kellerwald-Edersee. In the National Park, with 60 km2, you can find the rare and impressive trees protected by UNESCO, here you can expect great walkingtours. Next to the short and longer walks, there is also a long distance walkingtour in the area. The Park is also an ideal location for mountainbike-trips.