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Caviola with her full-colour florid terrace the exhibiton garden of Valle del Bois, which is situated in the center of Dolomites (1 100 m elevation above sea- level) in the middle of valley embosomed with three village – Fregona, Feder and Sappade and protected by stately peaks Cime D´AUTA as well as by chapel of Madonna della Salute, which is situated on hillock and so create wonderful view point. In the village you can find everything you could need: from shops, doctors, drug-stores after as much as heartiness of local residents. From here you can set out on plenty of walks in the midle of nature and you can admire together with local fauna and flora the splendid mountain skyline, which inclose us. We haven´t forgotten even on bicycling-loving, for whom is hear prepare plenty of cycle-ways connecting mountain villages. For pleasure trip on horse you can employ CENTRO IPPICO AGORDINO, which is situated 3 km from this place.