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Romantisk villa


The village of Linderöd lies at an altitude of 150 meters in the heart of the landscape of Skåne, in southern Sweden. Here you’ll encounter very pure air and a beautiful unspoilt countryside with lakes and forests. Nature lovers can enjoy peace and nature at their own pace with activities like hiking, cycling and fishing.

A Swedish “landscape” (in Swedish: landskap) is an ancient form of state, which is important in the field of culture and folklore, regional tourism and geography. The villa is located in the middle of this area, just outside Linderöd. A large natural garden allows you to enjoy plenty of privacy. Here you will discover rare flowers and plants like orchids, little blue wood anemones and lilies of the valley along with beautiful birds such as falcons, woodpeckers and red kite. It is quite possible that a moose family will run through the garden in search of food (apples!). And the same goes for deer and fox sometimes…

Each morning you can buy fresh rolls and wienerbrød (a roll of puffed pastry) for breakfast in the village shop in Linderöd.
You can participate in numerous events near Linderöd and experience the Swedish heyday.